Autumnal English Castle Wedding

Late October and I kicked off the autumnal wedding of Gillian and Lee, early one morning through the misty lanes of Cheshire.  Misty and drizzly, but hey it's Autumn what do you expect? I always seem to go to this castle in the dark.  Arriving just before day break.  It's the best time of day. You can unload, check out the venue, listen to the birds, leave the hydrangeas in the drizzle for a bit (they like it, I'm not being particularly mean to them) there's a certain calmness, it's still and beautiful.

And when the temperature dips and the light changes that's the time to bring in the twinkly candlelight.  Gillian comes from an interiors background and had clear vision on what she wanted, without being overly prescriptive.  So giving enough free reign to create something magical. She wanted to bring in the woodland outside, with ferns, pheasant feathers and cones, and liked the unusual markings of the harlequin roses.  The challenge for me is to work out how to achieve a couple's vision within the season, so the peonies didn't make it, blueberry roses and blousy hydrangea replaced them. 

It's always such an emotional moment when the bouquet is handed over.  She fought the tears, but I imagine there would be many more throughout the day.  Weddings, they just get to you.