Grunge Shoot

When a brunch of creatives come together to just create. Simple as that.  Keeping it authentic, showing what we can do.  Jenn Brookes, the photographer and I came together a while back when I did a one-to-one with her to show her how to 'do the flowers' in a simple relaxed way.  Her love is art photography and film, in a digital age, it's refreshing.  I adore these polaroid shots, they have an ethereal feel to them.  Shot in the Northern Quarter of Manchester, my home town, it gives them a real edge too.  Handcrafted Bridalwear by Wilderness Bride.  Shoes by I Am Florence. 

The flowers were all grown by me, and offer a true seasonal snapshot.  The chrysanthemums and dahlias were on top form, the orache just moved over from shocking pink to setting seed, equally beautiful. And malus in the hair crown. Perfectly modelled by the glamorous granny/small child that is Martha